The uniqueness of Husband Breastfeeding

Believe me, I’m a humble man. Others have pointed it out. But I’ll boast in God and his providence.

Over the past few years, six women have somewhat taken on the typically male role by initiating, maintaining the conversation, and “spitting game” at me, simply because they desired an ANR and knew I was there to meet that deep yearning. The only reasons I didn’t end up with any of them were a lack of Christian faith or a lack of compatibility. I like their styles too. They weren’t too aggressive or desperate. They simply displayed a respectful but clear interest.

Husband breastfeeding kinda turns the tables on gender roles in dating. It is the only intimate activity I’m aware of that gets women actively hunting down interested male partners. They become the go-getters.

Women know it’s out-of-this-world beautiful, and are very willing to take a risk and approach a man who also wants it.

Women approaching us in pursuit of something so intimate and special? It’s the ultimate win-win. Woman yearns to nurture and spoil her man, and man revels in the enjoyment of his wife’s breasts, to her great pleasure. Biblically, men should take the lead, but I see no Scriptural problem with a woman who knows what she wants and then goes for it– while still allowing the man to lead.

God is glorified, because the couple is a lot more intimate, and his purpose in creation is realized, as breasts and their beautiful owners achieve a deep sense of usefulness and fulfillment.

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