Soul Food

Breast milk is packed with antibodies IgG, IgA, IgM, IgD and IgE, which are secretory IgA molecules that combat diseases without causing inflammation.

I dedicate this to the men “who know the value of breast milk for our immune system, anti-aging theories, etc. Plus – its just fun to suckle and cuddle and relax in the comfort of [her] arms.”

“Human breast milk is full of complex sugars that help build babies’ immune systems. Researchers believe those compounds may help adults with Crohn’s disease, arthritis, even autism, and may, some day, be the key to prevention.

At UC-San Diego Health Sciences, researchers are working to isolate small amounts of human milk oligosaccharides or HMO’s in donated breast milk. Synthesized molecules will then be used to fight immune disorders, viral and bacterial pathogens, and chronic inflammation in animal and cell cultures.

NEW RESEARCH: Studies into breast milk helping adults began in Sweden. Researchers isolated a protein in the milk, and it was killing cancer cells. They redid the study in 2004 and found another compound that destroyed skin warts. They are currently working on a drug to help use that protein to their advantage. From there, Dr. Howard Cohen conducted a study on himself by putting breast milk into his smoothies twice a week, and he saw his prostate cancer begin to go into remission. The team hopes to recreate the milk with bioengineering instead of using human milk. They have learned also that HMOs can reduce inflammation, which is a result of Crohn’s disease. Some of the studies are still at the cell structure stage but others have moved to animal studies.

Moukarzel says since the HMO’s are safe for babies, they should be safe for adults. That should shorten the human testing phase and get to the public sooner, perhaps in five years.

Some of the conditions they could treat include obesity, Crohn’s disease, cardiovascular disease, even outbreaks of bacterial infections […].”

Woman are the salt of the earth and bring healing to us all.

ANRs do not have to be about sex. They’re about healing — physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, romantic and relational healing. The physical points to the spiritual. Natural events are indicative of supernatural realities. What a woman is really doing during feeding sessions is feeding her husband’s soul.

A good woman is medicine to her man.

Women are a source of healing and rejuvenation that we’ve far too long neglected.

“[…] every time we share that special moment I fall in love with my wife all over again. My wife fills me with love and delight. I’m happier, calmer, I’m a better father and husband. I have more joy and fulfillment in life. I receive great comfort from my wife’s breasts and she is gracious enough to provide for that; she believes she was created to fill. She is my helper. I bless my wife in many ways as a husband. She blesses me in many ways as well. Every time I nurse from my beautiful wife’s breasts, she bestows a blessing from God to me.”

Pastor E

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