ANR demographics and estimates

Based on my involvement in ANR research for almost a decade, here are my very rough estimates on various demographics relating to Adult Nursing worldwide.

ANR leaders: born with the ANR “gene” and have been interested for a while; at the forefront of accelerating the progress of Couples Nursing. Visionaries, organizers, bloggers, webmasters, group admins, speakers, and promoters of the ANR lifestyle: thousands worldwide.

ANR community: people who are either actively seeking or currently in adult nursing relationships: a few millions.

ANR suppressing: secretly have the ANR gene but due to religious or cultural reasons, keep it suppressed: a few millions.

ANR fanatic unawares: “I would totally jump headlong into it if only I knew such a relationship existed”; in other words, “I’m unaware I have the ANR gene”: tens to hundreds of millions.

ANR neutral: Won’t judge a couple who briefly experiments with it. Have no problem with it, but not crazy about it: hundreds of millions to one or two billion.

ANR taboo: hundreds of millions to one or two billion.

ANR trolls: those who are self-deluded into thinking they can impede the progress of ANRs: hundreds worldwide.

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