How I induced lactation for my husband and I

I have been in an adult breastfeeding relationship with my husband since I turned 27, so for the past nine years, almost 10. I didn’t realize how many couples were into nursing relationships until I started looking around online. 

I found that many couples have had issues or problems inducing lactation so I thought I would write this article to help some couples “figure  it out.” Below you will find a very in-depth guide on how I induced lactation for my husband… and myself. Yes, I admit it… I found it to be a very erotic thought.

First… Why me and my husband decided to induce lactation 

I have no children of my own, my husband brought a son and daughter to our marriage with him though. I love them to death and think of them as my very own.

I do wish that I could have experienced pregnancy and breastfeeding though as I am sure most women would. Anyways I digress to my point.

Me and my husband were talking about different things we could do to spice up our sexual relationship one evening when the topic of breastfeeding came up. Although he did have two children with his ex-wife, she would not let him experience adult breastfeeding. She thought that it was disgusting and “animalistic” lol.

I did some research and learned that you can induce lactation “easily.” The reality is that it is not easy to induce, despite the difficulty I was very successful at it and have been lactating for almost 10 years at this point. I am hesitant to say it is not easy, what I should probably say is that it takes a lot of time, dedication and planning.

One word of caution is that if you plan to induce lactation and breastfeed your husband […] it will significantly change the appearance of your breasts and nipples. This was not an issue for me, but it could be for some people.

How I induced lactation for my husband and I 

First off, there are drugs available that will help you lactate. I did NOT use these drugs to induce lactation except for Yasmin birth control pills. I was successful only using only these pills, my husband, a good breast pump, massages and herbs. To be successful at inducing lactation you must have dedication, time and be very patient.

Inducing lactation supply list 

My schedule or protocol for inducing lactation 

  1. Day 0 to 60 – I took  Yasmin brand birth control for 60 days; this is the first step I took to induce lactation. I know that some women take it much longer, I would guess that 9 months would be the best length of time. It is important that you ONLY take the active pills. This tricks your body into thinking it is pregnant. I was not on any birth control prior to this. WARNING: I am not a doctor or medical professional. Do not take medication without talking to your physician first. Sorry, had to say that! 

After about 60 days my breasts felt tender and sore, my bust also increased somewhat in size.

2. Day 54 – I started taking herbs.

3. Day 61 – I stopped taking Yasmin.

 4. Day 61 – 62 I started pumping my breasts with a quality breast pump (double pump) or having my husband suck on my nipples. Make sure that at least an inch of your areola is in your [husband’s] mouth while he rhythmically sucks. You may experience some discomfort, but you will get through it and your nipples will get a little tougher.

For the first two days I pumped every two hours for 6 to 8 minutes on each breast. This will end up being about 12 times a day. I set the pump at a med-high in strength.

5. Day 63 to milk – I pumped every four hours after day 63 for about 8 minutes on each breast. You will find that a double pump will save you tons of time.  If I remember correctly, I started getting breast milk about two to three weeks later, so about day 80 or so. These were only drops of milk though.

Over the course of the year I gained more milk month by month.

6. Currently – I have sustained my ample milk supply for almost ten years at this point. I pump or breastfeed my husband three times a day. I donate a ton of milk to my local milk bank.

If took about a year from start to finish until my breasts were completely full of milk and heavy. 

My breast pumping procedure 

  1. I give myself a breast massage with very firm pressure starting at the top of by boobs and work down to the nipple/areola.
  2. I drag my fingers lightly up and down my breasts, kind of like tickling them. This give me let-down.
  3. I then dangle my breasts, jiggle and flop them around while bent over. This allows the milk to start flowing to the nipple.
  4. I then start pumping or nursing and completely drain my breasts.

How long it took to induce lactation 

From the start to FULL milk production it was one year. My first milk drops appeared at about 3 months, maybe a little less.

My diet while inducing 

During the first year I ate old fashioned oatmeal, salads, lean meats, yogurt and nuts. Oranges are also good for you when trying to produce breastmilk. Basically, I tried to eat as healthy as possible and include any foods known to help with breast milk production. I took prenatal vitamins for the first three months also.

What is the Best breast pump to induce lactation with? 

The best breast pump

The Medela Pump in Style Advanced is exactly what I used, it is close to hospital grade. A cheap breast pump will not work as well because the suction is less life like. I have tried them all at this point and am very satisfied with my purchase. Remember you need to trick your body into think it has a real baby.

My menstrual cycle and lactation 

It is not uncommon for women to have irregular or no period while lactating. This was a surprise for me, I thought something was wrong at first. Have no fear if you start missing periods, it’s means that you are making milk!

Hands Free!

Nursing bras are a must 

Nursing bras are a must for me, I own nothing else. I also always wear a nipple pad in case I leak breast milk. I love these nursing bras from amazon, great price also. […]

Stay stress free 

It is important to be relaxed and stress free while you are pumping or nursing. Stress can interfere with the let-down reflex. Let-down is when your body allows the milk to flow from your milk ducts to the actual nipple.

Sometimes hearing a baby cry can cause let-down in breastfeeding women. It is not a crazy idea to watch videos of babies or listen to baby noises while pumping to induce lactation. This can often help stimulate the let-down reflex.

Breast and nipple changes while breastfeeding 

If you are going to induce lactation for your husband […], I promise you he will not want you to stop. After 10 years of breastfeeding my breasts are a lot different than they use to be. I am not saying this to discourage anyone at all, just expect changes.

Long term breastfeeding has made my once perky-ish 38D breasts saggy and stretched out. My nipples are also much larger and stick out all the time with great definition.

Can anyone induce lactation for their husband? 

I can not answer this question. Every woman’s body is different, every breast is different. From the research I have done I believe it is safe to say that the vast majority of women can induce lactation.

A few points about inducing lactation and adult breastfeeding 

After 10 years of an adult breastfeeding relationship I still enjoy it and so does my husband, it is an amazing experience that brings us closer together. […]

If you have questions or comments, please leave them below! Good luck to you and I hope you can induce lactation for your husband as easily as I was able to.


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