Systemic bias against smaller-breasted women

Years ago, I posted an admonition to think of large breasts as a bonus, as ANR desire is independent of bra size.

Notwithstanding this apprisal, I’ve very recently been made aware of my systemic bias against smaller-chested women, which I suspect many other ANR men hold. This bias isn’t so much because I’m a man as it is the result of seeing mostly well-endowed women on ANR sites.

Prior to delving into ANR research almost 10 years ago, I was an equal opportunity breast admirer. But my increasing ANR interest shifted my preference towards larger busts.

The major eye-opening revelation that made me aware of my bias was two-fold. First was when I came across online sources that stated smaller breasts are more sensitive. Makes sense, come to think of it. Nerve endings are more tightly packed in a smaller area.

This, combined with my recently published finding that less-endowed women aren’t as confident in their chests, must account for why the overwhelming majority of female pictures on ANR dating sites prominently feature large breasts, with thousands of pictureless profiles on said sites. I now realize that skipping profiles without pictures is probably a mistake. Smaller-breasted women who might be a little less secure in their bodies should be given a chance. Their desire for ANRs may be just as strong, or perhaps even stronger, since they possess greater breast nerve ending density.

ANR men tend to be boob men. And ANR women with pictures online tend to have boobs. Thus, the system is set up to exclude a large segment of nurses who would kill to have a man enjoy their hypersensitive mammary glands.

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