An imperial symbol of torture and execution has miraculously become a globally-recognized token of grace.

Torture and execution is somehow now our victory symbol.

The same act meant to nourish infants is now being rediscovered for what it is– a rare gift between a man and woman, with power to save marriages on the rocks.

But many die-hard critics are resisting.

Pride runs deep. Humans are so prideful that we’ll never fully realize the depth of our arrogance. My friend who said the Song of Solomon makes him stumble is one of the most humble Christians I ever met. Yet even he is hellishly prideful next to Christ, because if you listen closely to his heart, you hear the pride loud and clear. What he’s saying is “my moral standards are higher than God’s, so I refuse to read His book on erotica.”

I’m astounded at how infinitely humble yet infinitely confident Christ is. No other human being in history harmoniously possesses this potentially tenuous mix of virtues.

If you’re anti-ANR, the reason you can’t fathom putting the words ‘breastfeeding’ and ‘grown men’ together is your pride. There’s absolutely nothing medically or spiritually wrong with it but you’ve been morally dumbfounded into creating your own code of ethics. You are too prideful to admit there’s nothing wrong with breastfeeding one’s husband, so you make up your own “issues” with it.

You are more prideful than you will ever realize in this lifetime, or the one to come.

You’re more fallen than you have the mental capacity to grasp. You’re more depraved on more levels than you’d ever realize. Your mind, will, emotions, psyche, morality, heart, and body are all far too corrupted by your pride and rebellion. Your ability to discern truth is radically impaired by your sin and pride.

Once a grim reminder of terror, shame and violence, we now proudly use as our victory symbol

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