The straight-laced and the legalist

I once got into a debate with a legalistic Christian about exceeding speed limits. I have no qualms whatsoever about doing so because I know judges dismiss tickets earned for driving a few miles per hour above posted limits. He insisted I was sinning. He failed to see his flawed logic. If judges who uphold the law agree I wasn’t breaking the law, then who was he to tell me I was?

If even God can temporarily break his own rules to save sinners, who is man to question him?

Moralistic and straight-laced Christians are people who have so boxed themselves into law-keeping that they’re unable to process the possibility of setting aside what feels good from what is good.

Running red lights and driving at 60 in a 30 feels dangerous. Because it is. But if performed by an ambulance rushing to save lives, it’s an act of grace.

Suckling a lactating woman’s breasts feels infantile. But if hundreds of couples report the marital benefits of such a practice, we might do ourselves a service to listen, especially if God’s word also appears to corroborate.

Turning the other cheek to bless the one who slaps you feels shockingly stupid. But if Jesus commands it, we comply.

Because something feels strange or even dangerous doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Don’t trust your feelings.

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