More from husband-baby tandem breastfeeding couple

A woman who breastfeeds her baby and husband in tandem is a beautiful, powerful, empowered, multi-tasking, divine, blessed mama and wife.

No, nursing doesn’t have to have any sexual connotations. Tandem breastfeeding of child and husband could simply be family time, because women can breastfeed their husbands without being sexually aroused.

Notice the beginning of the video, where Veronika Robinson says people are scared of breastfeeding and sexuality, but they’re not scared when a 20-year-old walks around showing cleavage, although breasts are actually meant for feeding our children [and husbands!]. Veronika, who breastfed her toddler and newborn in tandem, recalls that “it just felt very empowering” to have the toddler introduced to her sister to share that special bond at the breast.

At this point, the narrator acquaints us with Paul, the tandem breastfed dad, when she says “in the early days, dad wasn’t going to be left out either.” Paul then asks “where’s mine?” followed by mild laughter.

See the original post for the rest of the conversation about Veronika breastfeeding her husband Paul in tandem with one of her daughters.

Besides Christ, what could be better than holding your baby with one hand and husband with the other and feeding them both?

Veronika offers a fitting conclusion, in a way that relates to my story. It’s a natural gift she couldn’t imagine not giving her children, and they in turn will give theirs, and it will be second nature, so its perpetuity is ensured.

Here’s even more from Veronika and one of her followers:

“No, my sex life has not suffered because of breastfeeding. Nor has it for my husband. Many people suggest that it is difficult for men to be at the back of the queue when kids come along, and goodness me, how did my poor husband cope with not being first in line? Well, I am blessed with an emotionally and mentally mature husband. He has never felt jealous or needy. He knows I love and adore him. That doesn’t change because I’m breastfeeding the two children who were created from our love! It is hardly beneficial to parenting if the partner is acting like a needy child. 

NO, my nipples have never hurt. Sore nipples are the result of the baby not latching on properly. If a woman has sore nipples, she needs to get help immediately. Nature intended that breastfeeding be enjoyable. If your health visitor or midwife don’t know how to help your baby latch on, then please, contact LLL (La Leche League) or the ABM (Association of Breastfeeding Mothers) or , better still, an experienced breastfeeding mother. Many women give up breastfeeding because of sore nipples. Latching on correctly is very easy to address.

I’ve been asked over and over if I’m concerned about my breasts changing shape because of breastfeeding. Breastfeeding does not change the shape of your breasts, PREGNANCY does! And how could a mother not value her breasts, regardless of their shape, when she has fully nourished her children through them? So what if they aren’t a certain size or a certain shape? My kids and husband love them the way they are. Why should I care what the average man on the street thinks of them? I don’t!!”

“I was just reading today about breastfeeding, in the Bible of all places.. Psalm 131, verse 2: ‘But I have stilled and quieted my soul; like a weaned child with its mother, like a weaned child is my soul within me.’ The study notes explain that the Psalmist has learned to rely on God for his needs, as a weaned child has learned to trust its mother for all its needs. A child weaned before its time (or worse, never breastfed) will not, can not, have this trust in his/her mother. Ancient Judeo-Christian culture valued breastfeeding, whether by the birth mother, a wet nurse or both, and the Jews would throw parties when a child was weaned (at about 3 or 4 years old). Weaning was considered a ‘ripening’ – you don’t pull the fruit from the tree before it is ripe, you allow it to fall off when it is ready! Pulling it off too soon will spoil the fruit! I truly believe that the key to all sin is pride/selfishness, including the selfishness of mothers who choose not to bf, and the selfishness of those who discourage or try to stop bf’ing. God created bf’ing, along with childbirth and the role of women as mothers and primary caregivers, and He said that everything He made is ‘very good’. It is sin and arrogance to say that we know better than God, or to call ‘bad’ what He calls ‘good’. Never stop educating people, Veronika.”

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