God will pour His wrath on the sexually immoral

Months ago, I posted a piece on how women have historically breastfed sick adults to boost their immune systems. Unmarried readers, especially men, do not take this as a license to indulge in an ANR.
The context is vastly different.

God considers context and motive. A Chinese woman breastfeeding a deathly sick adult in public view in a hospital in the eighteenth century is very different from you creeping with a lactating woman in 2021. Night and day difference.

Trust me, God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous. I’ve seen it happen. I know of a man who won’t stop cheating on his wife despite the firm warnings of his brothers from church. He ended up dying suddenly. There are other reasons that have me convinced God is searching us and nothing escapes His judgment.

He allows the ungodly to have their fun now, knowing they’ll have their day in Court. But the righteous He chastizes right away so we know He is Judge, and He tolerates no competititors.

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