God’s glory from creation: full, milky breasts

ANR-seeking woman:
“I just like how it feels. And I like the idea of my breasts being full of milk.”

K, ANR-seeking Christian woman:
“[I’m looking for a] man who comes home from a long day of work filled with stress and the worries and frustrations of the day and seeks my full, milky breasts to relax and unwind.”

No one can fault these women at all. I also love full, milky breasts, and not just because I’m a man. If I were a woman, I’d love the idea too.
Full, heavy, milk-dripping breasts connote God’s original design of abundance prior to the Fall.
Without a doubt, the Garden of Eden was a lush place, with overflowing fountains all over the place.

God is pro-bountiful fruits.
He doesn’t like dry wells. In a perfect world, every married woman’s breasts would be full of milk, as Eve‘s most likely were.

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