Conversion- Trip Lee

[Mark Dever]
People today are skeptical that anyone can really change
people today start to be learning to accept your internal circumstances
to adapt to them and adjust to them
not to try to fundamentally change them
is any real change possible?
what does the Bible say
about deep, real, personal change?

[Trip Lee]
Yeah, okay, let’s go, yeah
Ay let me grab the mic, wrote this song to tell the truth (Tell it)
Cause rarely do, and yet we hear it, clearly fellas do
Need to get the facts straight, time to get a better view
We learn from our culture, but the Bible is the better school (c’mon)
this time we’ll profit us, but I ain’t talking revenue
talking understanding God and how He makes a fella new (new)
He can take a felon who was stealing’ since a little dude
and He can clean him up though, He can Cinderella you
Not with three steps, it had to be a better you
Cause our hearts are hardened, we headed straight to Hell its true
yeah we need a savior, but we don’t wanna let Him through
No room for Him cause its us up on our pedestals
God is light, He’s the only one who’s got the right fix
we walking in darkness, we ain’t got the right kicks (Nah)
there’s no darkness in Him man, He got just the right mix
grace and truth and He’s known for flipping on that light switch

[Mark Dever]
And certainly one characteristic of a healthy church is this:
A Biblical understanding of conversion, the great change
and the first question we want to ask is this. “Is change needed?”
Now many say “No, not at all, we’re fine.”
But be that as it may, the Bible clearly teaches that change is needed
and we are not fine; in fact we’re in trouble

Yeah some folks think they Christians just because they sing the right songs
Somebody tricked them, got it twisted like a cyclone
You think its based on your attendance then you’re quite wrong
Darkened in our understanding til’ He turn the lights on
Dirty until he cleaned us, then our guilt is quite gone
Nothing but the blood of Jesus, homie that’s my fight song
Thought you’d get by and you still tipping just like you Mike Jones
You must not be hearing me, like I ain’t got this mic on
God is so holy, in His presence we cant stand (so what)
His Son took on flesh and dwelt off in this wasteland
You should know He raised right after he took our place, manPaid our price though we wasn’t worth it like a fake brand
God is the cause, the Gospel is the means
We raised from the dead, the hostel are redeemed
Transferred to His kingdom, we locked in on His team
Adopted as His children, His flock, we are the kings

Mark Dever- Jesus himself taught us that light has come into the world,
but men love darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil
everyone who does evil hates the light
and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed
Paul reminded the Ephesian Christians that before they were converted
they were dead in their sins and transgressions, dead! Paul taught that this spiritual death was shared by all.

Look why you trying to drive home a right view of conversion?
You all on that doctrine, we just trying to worship (what)
But so many churches do you a disservice
Got you thinking that you saved, but you ain’t been purchased
Yeah Jesus loves us, He died up on a tree
but just because He shed His blood don’t mean that that applies to me
(He said) Ya’ll can be united, you can die and rise with Me
Stop trying to clean yourself up, and trust the job to Me
It’s by grace alone, through faith alone
the gospel’s what we base it on
not just random faith at all
Christ is what we place it on
turning from our sins to our Lord who was hanging on
the cross, and behind the scenes He’s the one who changes Holmes
Changes hearts, changes lives, praise Him all my stains are gone
Blameless, sinless Savior, now His righteousness is painted on
That’s how we’re converted, this is something we can’t get wrong
If we’re missing this, we miss it all… fall at His gracious throne

[Mark Dever]
Jesus told everybody that they must turn from their sins
and turn to God
Jesus from the very beginning told people that the great conversion they
need is to turn away from their sins and to turn to God
Christianity does not preach that we can save ourselves
and here is the great puzzle for many
the bible says that this change is a matter really of our character
of our heart, that’s what we need
that’s the change that has to be affected
and that we will not change to making these right choices
if God does not change our heart first

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