Don’t pursue medical wet nursing

Medical wet nursing is likely to lead to sin. Unless you live in a part of China where such a practice is accepted and institutionalized, you’d probably be engaged in sexual sin. This is especially true for men, because I know we’re more prone to temptation and using the slightest excuse to justify sexual gratification.

But in God’s eyes, I think medical wet nursing is only permitted when both of these conditions are true:

  1. The patient has a serious, chronic illness,
  2. Nonsexual wet nursing as an act of care is so socially accepted that the nursing takes place in full view of witnesses.

Society needs to change at an institutional level to make such acts of care a safe and common reality.

In the meantime, be careful to avoid moving the goalposts and bending the rules to your fleshly advantage.

Don’t justify your rule-bending lusts. Practice an abundance of caution and trust in the Lord.

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