Fear of intimacy

It’s the intimacy that scares people away from ANRs.

Extreme intimacy is a terrifying novelty to citizens of a fallen world.

Being deeply intimate and vulnerable with another human being on such a level is too much, and touches a nerve. It’s taboo.

But I’ll tell you who should be afraid of intimacy with you. It’s a three times holy God, the One in whose face you spit everyday, yet who still invaded your world and died for you. The One who invaded your very cells and tissues though he originally found them disgusting and completely contrary to his nature. The One who is too holy to comprehend and can’t stand the sight of sin. It is he who should be afraid of being intimate with a sinner like you. Your rebellious body is alien and foreign to a holy God. He should be terrified of being anywhere near you. God is so holy, he’d rather touch dirt than sinners like you and I.

“Then the anger of the LORD was aroused against Uzza, and He struck him because he put his hand to the ark; and he died there before God” (1 Chronicles 13:10).


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  1. Liv

    If it were true that God were repulsed by us, why did Jesus have no problem touching sinners and showing them love and kindness? I’m pretty intense, I’m pretty conservative, but God IS so GOOD that He can not hate us, even when we are loathesome. He will always forgive us. We are so blessed.


  2. Prov519

    That only proves my point. Jesus touched those who recognized their unworthiness. He is repulsed by the unrepentant sinner and the self-righteous religious legalist. That’s why we never see Jesus touching and healing the Pharisees. It’s God’s love that overrides his repulsion towards sinners like you and me. And were it not for Christ’s substitutionary death on the Cross, and our faith in Him, God would still be repulsed by us.
    God will always forgive those who put their personal trust in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.


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