Decolonizing Faith

A Native American pastor recently announced plans to author a book with the above title.

That had me considering ways my faith might have been colonized, to which I am completely oblivious. As a black African-born American Christian, with a blog that aims to revive Christian marriages by pointing couples to the Ancient Hebrew practice of Adult Breastfeeding, the more I think of it, the more I realize how all English translations of the Bible suffer from Western colonial misinterpretations to varying degrees.

Take for example Old Testament scholar Dr. Bruce Waltke, who as mentioned in this post, demonstrates that Proverbs 5:19 refers to drinking a liquid, then he immediately denies the possibility of this liquid being breast milk.

His Western sensitivities are offended by the notion of Husband Breastfeeding, so he twists his interpretation to fit his cultural tastes, and those of his readers.

Makes me wonder how many thousands of Bible verses have been intentionally mistranslated to match our cultural paradigms.

The word “slave” in the New Testament is an example, and is rightfully addressed by Pastor John MacArthur. We are slaves of Christ, not bondservants.

In Biblical times, breastfeeding one’s husband was culturally accepted. In some Asian cultures and other places today, it still is somewhat accepted. It’s time to reclaim our faith from Western colonial influences. Biblically speaking, there’s absolutely zero shame or taboo in Husband Breastfeeding. It glorifies God and strengthens marriages. View your faith through hermaneutically sound Biblical lenses, not colonially-imposed or contemporary cultural ones.

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