God gives us sexual intimacy to bless us

I got something on my mind, bro some folks might not like that
Feel like it’s about that time to hit ’em with the Truth where that light’s at
But still some folks wanna fight that, ’cause hand that feeds wanna bite that
‘Cause they think it’s pleasin’, it’s makin’ demons of all that He made but despite that
He grants good gifts like sex, I ain’t tryna start no messin’
I don’t wanna get graphic with all the fact cause He gave it so we could be blessed
Please don’t, act like I’m gone, please don’t, just say I’m wrong, just stay
Confident in the Word, you’ll see, that He condones it
Sex ain’t the problem, it’s sinners who just forgot Him
Distortin’, corrupt like Soddom, the gifts, they want ’em without Him
It’s beautiful in it’s proper place, marriage, until we pop it up
And turn our footsteps from His face, and then we problem
Please don’t miss the problem, mayne it is not the God who reigns
It is not the gifts He gave, this is what I gotta say, say
Don’t exalt them over the God we praise
You can’t really enjoy Him till your heart’s replaced
The gifts and the Giver of good
The gifts and the Giver of good
The gifts and the Giver of good
Your heart is where the problem’s at, let’s get that understood

— Second verse and hook of “Heart Problem” by Trip Lee

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