The Drinks Are On Me: Everything your mother never told you about breastfeeding

Much props to Veronika Robinson. As mentioned in a previous post, I’d rather have a wife who breastfeeds too much than too little. Wanting to nurse everything that breathes is more laudable than refusing to nurse even your own infant.

Not only is she okay breastfeeding her toddler, as seen above, Veronika is also cool with nursing her older child and husband– in tandem. Something interesting that struck me about the above book cover even while drafting this post is the fact that she is almost identical to the ANR blogger I followed most closely when the divine beauty of Couples Nursing began to take shape in my mind, months prior to launching this blog. They both fancy having the child completely naked during nursing sessions, to maximize skin-to-skin contact. Loving, affectionate, nurturing, earthy mamas make the best ANR and tandem nursing wives.

Isn’t there something rather extraordinary about a woman so generous she bounteously offers to cover her man’s tab? To so altruistically offer him her bosom is indescribable. How gracious, magnanimous, lavishing and munificent of her, how shockingly self-giving her heart, unlike our self-centered, me-first world, but much like the heart of the Father!

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