Catch me at the brook

INTRO (Psalm 42:1-2): As a deer pants for flowing streams, so my soul for You God / My soul thirsts for God, the living God / Catch me at the Brook /

VERSE 1 (Lecrae): I used to jack Daniels / chase bloody Mary / I never touched the virgins – naw they too scary / An enemy of God since the day of my birth / Now I’m a walking Sprite billboard, obeying my thirst / My lips used to sip from sick mixed elixir / Now I big gulp from big spits of Scripture / Living Water all in my pitcher, get the picture? / Flowing out my heart is the best kind of addiction /

VERSE 2 (Sho Baraka): If I go days without seeking His face, it starts showin’ / A week outside His presence and the world starts knowin’ / Sometimes my earnest prayer, is to erase my brain / ‘Cause 20 years as a pagan, got my mind trained / Broke up with the world like I need my space I gotta breathe / Then she looked me in my face like you ain’t gotta leave / The Landlord clued me in to your cheatin’ / I need more for a reason, so I gots to get leavin’ /

CHORUS: Your face I need to constantly seek / I need more / Never feel I’m reaching my peak / I need more / My soul thirsts for You oh Lord / I need more, I need more / I’m thirsting after God /
Find peace in Your mercy and grace / I need more / Find shelter in no other place / I need more / My soul thirsts for You oh Lord / I need more, I need more / You can catch me at the Brook /

VERSE 3 (Sho Baraka): Forget diamonds, in His presence I stay laced / With a shine like Moses, when I’m seeking His face / My gratitude for the Water was / Bottle it up, and try to sell it like a telemarketer / Until I die or they martyr us / The world’s aquaphobia – they scared of the Water cuz / So this is how I advertise / You can drink from other sources but your soul’s never satisfied /

VERSE 4 (Lecrae): John 7:37 / Psalm 86:11 / Catch me at the Brook, takin’ sips of heaven / Never get enough Christ, fill my soul up / ‘Cause all the world’s wells either dry or they done froze up / Greater than Jacob, look at John 4:10 and ’em / Jesus makes an offer, the water’s like a synonym / All the women and men who living in sin-and-in / Catch us at the brook, where we be gettin’ it in-and-in /

VERSE 5 (Lecrae): The worlds at the well, looking thirsty / Me I’m at the Brook, where the Church be / Don’t need a pool homey Christ that healed me / Used to mess around with coke, but His power’s the real thing / Don’t need a Pepsi to pep me, presby’s press me to seek Him / Like John Knox this guy who told me that I should drink Him / So ’til I leave the earth, catch me pourin’ it up / I got my life turned up homey, so is my cup /

VERSE 6 (Sho Baraka): Like the deer panteth, my soul thirst for You like / Make Him known, in everything we do like / Offered Living Waters to my whole crew we like / I carry my cup, I can’t get enough / Raise your cup to His authority and power like / Found out, all day was happy hour like / Real talk, He turns our lives up when the music drops / You can catch me at the Brook, after the music stops /

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