The oxytocin rush that all ANRs ultimately channel

“Never having been married nor nursed a baby, the desire to deeply bond with my husband and give him this gift no one else can(married for life), has lept off the charts. In my research on Mother-Child breastfeeding, there are significant hormones released in this amazing process. Oxytocin is the “bonding” hormone. It is released in the breastmilk during breastfeeding so that Mother and child attach & bond. Oxytocin & dopamine are released during a couple’s love making, facilitating their bonding as well.”

— Jeanne

“I love breastfeeding my husband. When I first asked him if he was interested, he was so excited. We stopped for a while because life got in the way. During that time, my depression worsened and I was considering talking to my doctor about changing prescriptions. Instead, we started breastfeeding again. My depression has greatly improved. So has my libido. We’re having a wonderful time and we’re as close as ever. I wonder why it’s not talked about in mental health circles. Oxytocin does wonders for the mood.”

— DeeDee, June 30, 2020

“At first I viewed it as ‘those are for my children now’ (which is why we hadn’t done it in previous pregnancies/postpartum), but once I agreed to give it a try I found I really enjoy it. I have never seen it as my husband being infant like or less of a leader in our house, but more as another way to surrender myself to him and share my body with him in a newer and different way. Since for many women nipple stimulation can be sexually arousing, especially with those oxytocin releases, I think that is the big appeal for the female perspective…plus, yes, men like breasts so playing with them is fun for him.”

Examples of the non-nutritional components of breastmilk …
… Sources:
PMID: 392766

“When your baby [or husband] latches onto your breast, [their] sucking triggers release of the hormone oxytocin, which stimulates milk production. … But other stimuli can trigger the production of oxytocin too, including emotional ones like looking at a picture of Baby, thinking of her, [or hubby] or hearing a recording of her … Not only does Baby’s [or Husband’s] sucking causes the release of oxytocin so that your milk can flow freely, but oxytocin also creates uterine contractions.”

“NATURE’S SPLIFF. Breastfeeding makes you high, in a pleasant, calm, serene way. Nursing stimulates the release of the hormones oxytocin and prolactin in the mother’s body. These hormones relax the nursing mum and make her feel more nurturing toward her baby [and husband]. The effect is similar to cannabis yet legal and you can do it in public. Furthermore, as the hormones are passed through the breast milk, nursing acts like a natural baby[/husband] tranquilizer. Which leads us to… SLEEP. Whoever created the ‘lying down whilst breastfeeding’ position needs [an] award or something because it has preserved the sanity of many.”

“Stimulating the nipples, as in breast-feeding, releases the hormone oxytocin.”

“Oxytocin is the human feel-good hormone. It is released during and after sex and orgasm, and often dubbed the “love hormone”. Breastfeeding releases oxytocin in massive amounts for both partners.”

“Oxytocin plays a major part in human sexual response both in neuroendocrine function and postcoital behavior.”

“[Your man wi]ll need to use his mouth to encourage milk production and movement (and this will also stimulate oxytocin production in your body) … Nipple stimulation during breastfeeding encourages oxytocin, the so-called cuddle hormone.

Oxytocin makes you feel closer to a child, but it can also increase closeness and trust with any person. Oxytocin increases after a woman is aroused, and orgasm can also increase this hormone, which is why you might confuse your feelings for a man after having sex.”

“When you consider that for women who are nursing, their body releases the hormone oxytocin, also known as the pleasure hormone or the love hormone, feelings of profound warmth and intimacy toward an adult breastfeeding partner makes sense … Yes, oxytocin is associated with arousal and orgasm, but it’s also responsible for creating or reinforcing feelings of bonding and pleasure of a platonic sort.”


Women who really get it, are convinced of the beauty of nursing their men and greatly desire it, seem to view the nursing act as sacred and transcendent, like a piece of heaven. They’re right. All physical and sexual intimacy is spiritual and heavenly. Which is exactly why God is adamant that we only engage in it within the bounds of a covenant union. And is also precisely why the demonic hosts fight to keep ANR a taboo concept.

All sexual intimacy points to the triune God, the One for whom we were created to enjoy perfect intimacy eternally. Christian, let the Spirit of Jesus Christ fill you to the point of overflow.

I fondly remember times of such filling, and long for repeat doses. I’m a fiend for Jesus who needs his fix. They unfailingly place me in a space of awe, supernatural bliss and unrivaled peace, which I’m sure is an amplification of what nursers experience during breastfeeding sessions.

Jesus never fails to give me his Holy Spirit whenever I ask for him in spirit and truth. We all should be craving oxytocin rushes from the Father’s heart to ours, flowing like electricity through the Son, and for intimate communion empowered by the Spirit.

God the Son hugs one of his sheep: the ultimate oxytocin release

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