Three principles for determining the biblical legitimacy of our most intimate desires

“Thank you for your blog. As a Christian, I thought I was crazy to desire an ANR. I wish that I had explored, studied and understood it better before I married. My husband has no interest and I am heartbroken and emotionally detached as a result.

Please continue to spread this information, people need to hear it-relate to it-be supported by it.

May God Bless.”

— JJ, Christ-centered ANR reader

“The Christian life isn’t hard, it’s impossible.”

— Christian proverb based on Mark 10:27

It can often feel impossible to know whether we have the freedom to pursue our very intimate and even sexually graphic desires. But thanks be to God for providing us guidance through his word, and for giving us wise Christians who can apply it to many situations.

I’m eternally grateful to the brothers and sisters at for suggesting three principles Christians can rely on when trying to discern what’s biblically allowed in the bedroom. They advice that we’re free to do anything that:

  1. isn’t categorically prohibited in Scripture
  2. is consensual
  3. poses no health risks

If we abide by these three precepts, we should be okay– by God and each other, for by doing so, we obey the two greatest commandments.

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