Put God first in ALL your nursing desires

Moment of vulnerability here. As I said in this post, I have a health condition that’s treatable with breast milk. Over the past few years, I’ve often wrestled with and wavered between seeking solutions involving breast milk, without sinning, as in Ancient China, and seeking other expressed solutions involving milk here in the US.

However, when I let my mind and heart wander too much into dangerously sinful territory, NOTHING goes well for me in the natural. Car accidents and even worse. I’ve not fornicated or entered into a pre-marital ANR, but my heart and desires have certainly exited their biblical boundaries many times in recent years.

The sobering fact is when I set my own parameters, terms and limits, I become my own god.

The faithful Christian asks “what can I do to positively pull in God’s direction?” but the carnal Christian asks “how close to the line can I get without violating my own moral standards?”

The believer who leads with God always ponders how to please and move towards him, doing only what he loves and approves. But the believer who leads with the flesh asks “what can I do to avoid legalism, please myself and enjoy life to the maximum?” We do this with human relationships as well. “How far can I push him before he pushes back?” “What would she let me get away with?” But the heart that seeks to love others only aims to serve and bless, putting their best interests first.

Lead with your new heart. A heart that’s been transformed by the radical love of Christ. Seek his mind and heart in all you do. Aim for Christ in everything you undertake. Like Pastor Rick Holland says, make Jesus the point of your life, not a part of it. Start not with “what if I’m missing out by avoiding this?” or “perhaps a little extra-cautious wet nursing might cure x health condition.” Both approaches are self-centered. Begin and end instead with what glorifies God and pleases his holy name.

If we’re very honest with ourselves, we’d admit that obsessing over breast milk and nursing, even with appropriate cautionary measures, may be extremely unwise at best, and we’re better off erring on the side of caution.

Don’t undermine your Christian witness. Don’t seek a medical wet nursing relationship, even in a cautiously constructed, Ancient-China-like environment. It’s too close to sex.

When I fix my mind and heart on Christ, however, I feel a peace and joy that can only be from above. This sublime feeling lasts only as long as I’m gazing on his beauty, akin to Moses’ face and its disappearing glory. But interestingly, my sense of health also shines forth, in ways that make me believe my health problems are nonexistent. I feel at the absolute top of my game, and I need to crave those moments more.

Faith in Christ is the remedy to most of our ailments, not placing ourselves in potentially compromising situations.

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