Postpartum depression, and a likely cure

Postpartum or postnatal depression is major depression some women experience after childbirth1, 2. It can eliminate a woman’s natural desire to bond with her infant3, along with the urge to nurse. In fact, when it sets in, it’s often detrimental to breastfeeding.4

Rather than face such familial agony, I propose a better way to resolve this undesirable scenario. Unsurprisingly, it involves inducing lactation prior to delivery. If dad helps bring in the milk in order to have breastfeeding occur prior to delivery, the prognosis looks good for all three.

Moreover, breastfeeding itself is a known natural antidepressant which helps mother and baby bond5.

So oddly enough, the very thing effected by postpartum depression is precisely what can alleviate it.

The more reason an ANR prior to childbirth is what the Doctor prescribed.


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