Year-end reflections – thank you

Looking back to last summer when I started this blog, I didn’t imagine it being what it is today. I’ve had over 3,000 unique visitors and almost 10,000 views. I thank God those numbers keep rising, as I have a significant number of new visitors daily. Some of you have reached me via email, a few have left comments Continue reading Year-end reflections – thank you

Very legalistic statement from well-respected Christian site

There’s this very useful Christian website based in Colorado. Affiliated with a well-known conservative organization that promotes family values, the site provides many helpful resources to single Christians and young adults and I generally enjoy their gospel-centered articles but one day, I came across an unhelpful, unforgettable statement that I must call out. If you’re a Continue reading Very legalistic statement from well-respected Christian site

Lessons from Ashley Madison: the uniqueness of ABF

The recent Ashley Madison leak has revealed some telling data. 99.95% of the site’s users are male. How does this compare to other matchmaking sites? On those tailored towards mainstream sexual activity, about 75 to 80% of users are male. In comparison, only 68% of heterosexual accounts on ANRSpace belong to men, but I strongly believe the actual Continue reading Lessons from Ashley Madison: the uniqueness of ABF

The danger of ANR: Biblical ANR hero gone bad

Note: ANR in itself isn’t dangerous, our sinful hearts pose the real danger. While browsing through ANR dating profiles, I came across a woman I’ll never forget. She was very attractive physically, and also one of the handful of modestly dressed women on both websites on which I spotted her. And we have some things in Continue reading The danger of ANR: Biblical ANR hero gone bad

Skydiving without a parachute

Faith without works is dead A beloved Christian that God used in my salvation story often says something in the same vein as “being Christian doesn’t mean neglecting to apply practical wisdom that aligns with God’s Word.” In other words, we Christians must fight our tendency to over-spiritualize everything. In our attempt to be spiritual, we sometimes lose our grounding Continue reading Skydiving without a parachute

Godly ANR dating site desperately needed

I have visited virtually every active ANR dating site on the web, and while they vary widely in raunchiness or even “pornness”, their content invariably serves as a reminder that Christians are aliens in this fallen world. I want to give ANRSpace some credit for their efforts towards family friendliness, especially their no-cleavage policy, however simply reading what some Continue reading Godly ANR dating site desperately needed


Greetings, everyone. Welcome to a new member of a growing number of blogs dedicated to Adult Nursing Relationships and Adult Breastfeeding (ANR and ABF). I’m creating this blog for two reasons: to show that when done in the only permissible context, marriage, this loving act only strengthens a bond and points to an amazingly wise and compassionate God, and secondly, to meet a Continue reading Intro