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Happy Five Nineteen Day

Smith’s Literal TranslationThe hind of loves and the wild goat of grace; her breasts shall satiate thee in all time; thou shalt always wander in her loves. “Drink heavily from her breasts” — God Proverbs 5:19

Five Nineteen Day: Adult Nursing Relationship (ANR): How to Induce Lactation for my Husband

By Sonya Schwartz Among the many … kinks we might all be aware of, adult nursing relationships are one of the ones currently seeping its way out into the open and becoming slightly less taboo. The interesting thing is, although adult nursing might be considered a fetish, it’s not actually always sexual. Lots of people choose…

Five Nineteen Day: Nipples of her they shall satiate you in every of season

This Interlinear Hebrew appears to have the original Hebrew, followed by a transliteration, and finally the English translation. Considering how this version uses the word “nipples” instead of “breasts” and the minor differences between the transliteration here and those of Old Testament Hebrew expert Bruce Waltke, perhaps it’s the Arabic cognate he mentions that’s used in…