On tap and ready to serve

There’s a certain portmanteau you probably heard. It’s very dehumanizing but for some reason, a significant number of women fantasize about it. To these women, there’s something about having full, overflowing, productive breasts, with milk on tap, that strongly appeals to them. But they add an ingredient, which many people find humiliating. Most of our Continue reading On tap and ready to serve

Ubera: Latin lesson in overflowing breasts

From Wiktionary: ubera Latin[edit] Noun[edit] ūbera nominative plural of ūber accusative plural of ūber vocative plural of ūber   uber Jump to navigationJump to search See also: Uber, ueber, über, uber- and über- Contents 1English English[edit] Alternative forms[edit] über ueber Etymology[edit] From German über- Pronunciation[edit] Rhymes: -uːbə(r) Or, imitating the German, /ˈjuːbə/, /ˈɪuːbə/, /ˈyːbə/. Adjective[edit] uber (not comparable) Super; high-level; high-ranking quotations ▼ Adverb[edit] uber (not comparable) Very; super quotations ▼ Anagrams[edit] Brue, Bure, Rube, buer, bure, ebru, erub, rube Latin[edit] Etymology[edit] From *h₁ówHdʰr̥ (“udder”) (r/n-stem, with r made common to all cases). Cognates Continue reading Ubera: Latin lesson in overflowing breasts