Fan mail

“I ran across your blog this evening and I couldn’t help becoming excited. I’ve long thought I must be the only Christian who desired an ANR within a marriage. Given how taboo this subject is already, it sometimes feels hopeless to ever find what I desire. Thank you for starting the blog. I don’t feel…

K’s testimonial

“There is so much information!! You are helping so many people!!! I do believe that I have visited [your blog] before, with the intention to come back and read when I had time. I’m sorry that I didn’t do it sooner!”

K.A.’s testimonial

Thank you for your blog. As a Christian, I thought I was crazy to desire an ANR. I wish that I had explored, studied and understood it better before I married. My husband has no interest and I am heartbroken and emotionally detached as a result. Please continue to spread this information, people need to…

JJ’s testimonial (husband has no desire)