When to bring it up to a potential mate

I don’t think there’s a consensus within the ANR community. Personally, I don’t waste time. I’m completely convinced that an ANR is a huge blessing, so I’m upfront about it. My general principle is first or second date depending on how well we appear to get along, and if she’s an online prospect then it’s always the Continue reading When to bring it up to a potential mate

How to bring it up to a potential mate

Ultra cautiously. First, to maximize your chances of succeeding, only pursue/be pursued by the type of Christian that’s highly likely to say yes.  For guys, it means aiming for the soft, nurturing girl. If you see no signs of feminine softness in her, you’re likely to be wasting your time and hers. Ladies, your best bet is Continue reading How to bring it up to a potential mate

The danger of ANR: Biblical ANR hero gone bad

Note: ANR in itself isn’t dangerous, our sinful hearts pose the real danger. While browsing through ANR dating profiles, I came across a woman I’ll never forget. She was very attractive physically, and also one of the handful of modestly dressed women on both websites on which I spotted her. And we have some things in Continue reading The danger of ANR: Biblical ANR hero gone bad

The ANR lover’s profile: how to tell if she (or he) would almost certainly say yes

This summer, I began a weekly series of posts in which I drew on my 200 or so hours of research to describe the woman who fits the profile of the typical ANR fan to a tee. Although I focused on profiling the woman that loves ANRs, ladies can also gain valuable insights by applying the masculine Continue reading The ANR lover’s profile: how to tell if she (or he) would almost certainly say yes

What the Bible does NOT say about an ANR

1. Think about it more than God. 2. When evaluating a prospective mate, above all else, first consider their ANR potential. Whether or not they have faith in Christ is secondary. 3. ANR is the end all, the ultimate marital superglue. Not even Jesus Christ can strengthen a marriage like it. 4. Date or marry Continue reading What the Bible does NOT say about an ANR

Women and the love language of touch

Yesterday, I visited a career-related center then went grocery shopping. I was reminded how some women love touching others when talking, especially men they feel comfortable with. Two women I chatted with got comfortable and rubbed my hands every now and then. I’m often referred to as charming and pleasant, so that probably explains why people, especially older Continue reading Women and the love language of touch

The ANR evidence that demands a verdict

July 2015: I just made what is by far the longest post yet. Titled ‘A biblical defense of ANRs‘, it is what I intend to be a comprehensive list of reasons that justify ANRs, from all I’ve gathered over the years. As expected, it’s heavy on Scripture references, but it also contains a significant amount of opinion, which Continue reading The ANR evidence that demands a verdict

Skydiving without a parachute

Faith without works is dead A beloved Christian that God used in my salvation story often says something in the same vein as “being Christian doesn’t mean neglecting to apply practical wisdom that aligns with God’s Word.” In other words, we Christians must fight our tendency to over-spiritualize everything. In our attempt to be spiritual, we sometimes lose our grounding Continue reading Skydiving without a parachute

Godly ANR dating site desperately needed

I have visited virtually every active ANR dating site on the web, and while they vary widely in raunchiness or even “pornness”, their content invariably serves as a reminder that Christians are aliens in this fallen world. I want to give ANRSpace some credit for their efforts towards family friendliness, especially their no-cleavage policy, however simply reading what some Continue reading Godly ANR dating site desperately needed

Official Twitter & Facebook accounts

Hello, all. I just created a Twitter and Facebook account and a Facebook Page exclusively to promote this blog and ANR from a strictly Christian perspective. Please check them out, like, follow and friend me: @ChristcentrdANR, facebook.com/ChristcenteredANR and facebook.com/ChristianANR. Thanks…I plan to publish multiple blog posts this summer, please stay tuned. Thanks for your patience with me. Enjoy the warmth!

Society’s sexualization of women

I just did a google image search for terms like doula, lactation consultant and mothers. The results really exalt and glorify women, reminiscent of Proverbs 31 and 1 Peter 3. I then did the same for ‘women’. This time the results were disappointing. With or without safe search on, you’ll be greeted by images that are Continue reading Society’s sexualization of women

Is an ANR marriage a long shot?

I often feel like my search is a long shot. I’m looking for a minority of a minority. Only an estimated 6% of people living in Western countries are thought to be genuinely saved. I further estimate that fewer than 5% of people practice or desire an Adult Nursing Relationship. After adding my other requirements and doing Continue reading Is an ANR marriage a long shot?


Greetings, everyone. Welcome to a new member of a growing number of blogs dedicated to Adult Nursing Relationships and Adult Breastfeeding (ANR and ABF). I’m creating this blog for two reasons: to show that when done in the only permissible context, marriage, this loving act only strengthens a bond and points to an amazingly wise and compassionate God, and secondly, to meet a Continue reading Intro