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Party in the Bedroom

An ANR is literally partying, feasting, reveling, rejoicing, relaxation, vulnerability, emotional intimacy, cuddling, sex, spirituality, healthy eating, and worship all rolled up into one act. No wonder couples often report that the act leads to the greatest sex they’ve ever had. See also: Fiesta, Fiesta: Food brings people together FeastingFood

Fiesta, Fiesta: Food brings people together

I’ve had the privilege of living in different parts of the world, and visiting even more countries. Regardless of culture, one truth remains the same: humans love feasting. Feasts are the anchors for social gatherings everywhere. No party, get together, celebration, festival or social event is complete without food. Neither does any wedding, bridal shower,…

Cream puffs

I haven’t met too many men in the ANR world. But the few I’ve met are definitely the type who although masculine and expectedly sexual, are big teddy bears on the inside. The hundreds of women I’ve profiled all share this sweet, tender affectionate trait, and one thing I think male and female alike have…