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Stop thinking of ANR

My ANR desire has led me into faulty thinking which has in turn led to straying thoughts lately, so now I don’t think of it as much. I choose to focus on other important things, and so should you. There’s more to life than ANR. Obsession

Don’t obsess over ANR

Take time out to focus on your Lord and Savior. Take days off thinking of Couples Nursing. Spend your time instead on the spiritual disciplines, including serving others. Meditate on Scripture. Resolve to shift your thinking. See also Thou shalt have no other gods before me Obsession

Think about Jesus more than ANR

The believer’s priority If this blog makes you stumble or in any way distracts you from Jesus Christ, stop visiting until you re-focus on the only One that deserves your obsession. Please spend more time reading your Bible than this blog. The point of my site is Christ, not ANR. Please forgive me if I’ve…