From Bountiful Fruits: A Journey of Devotion: Applesmilk’s ANR Story

Disclaimer: this post isn’t necessarily an endorsement of everything on Bountiful Fruits. Although Married Milkmaid and I are both professing Christians and ANR advocates, our blogs aren’t exactly identical in mission. I do, however, support her efforts to normalize this beautiful lifestyle.


It never fails to amaze me how richly Bountiful Fruits has blessed my life, and just when I think things could not possibly be more wonderful, I receive an email from a reader or community member that touches me deeply, reminding me all over again how beautiful my life truly is, such as the one from Applesmilk, a 51-year-old man who has recently begun a joyful and devoted adult nursing relationship with his beloved wife, and explained that not only is sharing sensual intimacy one of the most exciting aspects of their relationship, but after more than 25 years of marriage, their ANR has made them feel like newlyweds! Don’t you just love that? This couple believes that the Bible teaches that men should be “satisfied with the wife of your youth” and that it encourages husbands to “let her breasts satisfy you at all times.” As he wrote in his email: “When God does something, He does it very well. He is the one who said that the “marriage bed is undefined.”” Applesmilk generously shared his story with me, and I am now sharing it with you! I hope you enjoy “A Journey of Devotion”.

Loving Milk Maid

I’m 51 years old and have been married to my love for over 25 years. We have three children, two grandchildren, and serve together in full-time church work.

My first experience was when our last child was nursing. My wife asked if I would like to suckle. Maybe I asked, I cant remember. It only happened once or twice. In later years, I expressed to her again and again ove the years my wish that we could suckle again. She agreed, but we thought it impossible. After internet searching, I heard lactation could restart, but it seemed too difficult. Last week, however, I was in a particularly down state, and wanted so badly to just suckle and be nurtured at her breast. Loved and nurtured a while. Then, I felt I could go out and take on the world. Afterward, we again discussed attempting lactation; I researched and found Bountiful Fruits. Reading the Loving Milk Maid’s weekly journey inspired me to share it with my wife and we began the journey. Its been a week now of dry nursing.

Adult nursing is incredibly intimate and vulnerable, something I crave. The fact that my wife loves it too is a powerful thing to me. Up until now, our marriage bed has been creative, playful, and full of exploration of everything under the sun within the bounds of faithful monogamy. She has consented to some things, enjoyed even more, but nothing has met the depth of satisfaction afterwards like ANR. Beautiful, pure, and so intimately shared. We are both so excited to move forward with this special gift to just the two of us.

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