The woeful inadequacy of ANR

Just recently, I again heard of another marriage that fell apart despite including an ANR.

The point of this blog is not and never will be that an ANR should be placed on the highest pedestal, that those who practice ANR have “arrived,” or an ANR is the end-all of marital woes.

It’s simply that ANRs are a sweet addition to any marriage, while most likely common in biblical times, they’re not an absolute must, but evidence shows that they increase intimacy and stability in marriages, and any ways to strengthen a marriage is worth trying and sharing.

It’s worth noting that Couples Nursing marriages are stronger as a direct result of the nursing, even if short-lived. One divorced woman told me the nursing temporarily brought them closer together, but the marital difficulties were too deep.

One thing I observed is her lack of saving faith in Jesus Christ. If husband and wife were both believers, how differently would things have turned out?

Nothing else we look to will satisfy us.

Christ is enough.

Abide in Him at all times.

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