I feel privileged and humbled to operate a blog which to my knowledge is the only English-language one that’s completely Christian and completely dedicated to Adult Nursing Relationships.
I thank God I’m able to offer unique content that serves my readers, but having an idea ahead of its time also has its flip side.

I really want co-laborers in this effort. God forbid anything disabling happen to me, I would want others to keep this lamp burning.Co-laborers - 1 Corinthians-3 9

I want guest bloggers. I want to see more Christian ANR blogs, online communities, YouTube channels, tweets, Facebook pages, websites, an ANR dating site that takes holiness seriously, and so on.

My vision is to witness a marked increase in the popularity of Couples Nursing in Christian marriages. The strength and stability that would afford Christian couples would undoubtedly bring glory to Christ. To see that happen, I need like-minded people. Please contact me at prov519@gmail.com. Pray God makes it happen.