How to get more action from her, biblically

A sexual how-to may seem strange coming from a single guy. However, as a Christian musician once said, experience is the teacher of fools. True believers gain wisdom and understanding from God’s Word.

Although I’ve never been married, from reading the Bible daily for years, including relevant portions like Ephesians 5 and the Song of Solomon, in addition to attending gospel-preaching churches, closely fellowshipping with Cross-centered believers like Elder T and Pastor JH and being exposed to snippets of good books on marriage like What Did You Expect? by Paul Tripp, I have a good grasp of what would glorify God the most and maximize the joy of Christian couples, including their sex lives.

Men, if you do these three each and every time you have sex, she’s very likely to love having sex with you to the point of initiating with more frequency:

  1. Make sure she feels intensely, deeply and sacrificially loved,
  2. Make sure you both bond intimately, and
  3. Make sure she has an orgasm.

Resolve to spend every second of your bedroom time seeing to it that she connects well with her husband, feels extra cherished and enjoys herself thoroughly, and do all this without expecting anything in return. This is how biblical sex should look.

“I’ll put your needs above mine.”

-Elder T, discipling me on the heart attitude believers in Jesus Christ should bring to the marriage bed

“But, of course, sin always tries to trash God’s gifts. So we can’t just celebrate sex for what God made it to be; we have to fight what sin turned it into. The contributors to this unique volume encourage you to do both: celebrate and struggle.”

-Sex and the Supremacy of Christ by John Piper and Justin Taylor

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