I came across an article on some site that revealed that about 1 in 3 American men surveyed have fantasized about breast milk at least once. I’m pretty sure the ratio for women is at least the same because women are MUCH less comfortable expressing or exploring their sexuality, as communicated in the email from a female ANR hopeful below.

“I do believe that Christians, especially Christian women, need to open up and talk about sex. There is a sense of taboo surrounding the sexual lives of married believers. There is a boundary that needs to be drawn between edifying and lewd and I think the problem lies partially in not knowing where to draw that line so the subject is avoided all together. Another reason behind why women don’t talk about sex with other saved women is the sense of embarrassment and shame.”

Now of course being a mainstream sexual website, the researcher appears to try to fit a lot of his research around mainstream preconceived notions of ANR being a strange fetish. I was initially excited and intrigued that this well-known site would dedicate an article revealing the underground popularity of ANRs but as soon as his article began turning towards the direction of labelling Couples Nursing a fetish when it clearly isn’t, my excitement was replaced by disappointment.

Furthermore, the author suggested the possibility of Freudian “mommy issues” and asserted that a small proportion of us suffer from adult baby syndrome, and then related most of us with this “fetish” as also having a pregnancy fetish, citing a 2011 study to support his claim.

The next explanation he offered for this peculiar desire was BDSM.

I wish researchers would quit trying to explain away this lifestyle and would especially refrain from using the word “fetish.” This dictional laziness is injurious and grossly misleading. It perpetuates the taboo around ANR. Perhaps many of us want it not due to any psychological or childhood deficiencies but simply because we receive the same pleasure you get from say oral sex, or cuddling?