A brief description of the ANR-interested man

While I realize I’ve essentially covered all the telltale signs that I believe are indicative of ANR interest in both women and men, due to my profile being slightly geared towards male seekers, it’s probably appropriate to dedicate one post to the thousands of godly ladies who also long for this gift in marriage.

There are only three guys I’ve ever physically known to have expressed this desire, and that includes myself, so I’m working off a very small sample size. The other two were a classmate and a relative. My hearing their revelation of Couples Nursing interest happened in my teenage years and early twenties respectively, prior to meeting the Savior.

In high school, while having boy talk in a mixed grade, all-male technical class, an eleventh grader excitedly announced his intention to try it soon. His bold disclosure was met with deafening silence by the rest, a group that normally held no-holds-barred discussions of their sexual escapades and fantasies. During these testosterone-driven chats, I was the inexperienced freshman who occasionally uttered some fabricated, or stolen and regurgitated boasts to feel like one of the big boys.

Although a significant proportion of guys are genuinely grossed out by Couples Nursing, I wonder which of the young men on that day in Mr. G.’s electronics class only pretended to be disgusted. I myself remained silent despite seeing nothing wrong with an ANR.

I’ve also seen one man publicize the desire on Twitter and I’ve chatted online with a very small number of like-minded men, so altogether, I’m basing my male ANR profile on a meager sum of six guys.

With that disclaimer out of the way, here’s his profile:

He can be an extremist yet is sensitive and tender towards women. He’s a gentleman who’s sexual, definitely attracted to women, has inner, quiet strength, lots of depth, and although he’s not the fake macho type, he isn’t physically weak either. He’s strong and virile. Critically, he isn’t too proud to beg. We all struggle with pride to varying extents, but he’s at least humble enough to be approachable and friendly. Being Asian, especially Japanese or Indian, is a huge bonus. He’s not the ultraconservative, moralistic, prim and proper Puritan whose shirt is always perfectly ironed and buttoned up, and who thinks French kissing in marriage is a sin. He’s extremely funny, jovial, not a picky eater and doesn’t care too much for political correctness. Also, he’s open-minded and thinks differently. He is complex and very interesting. He’s very refreshing and kind but has a little bit of crazy in him (crazy for Jesus : )

To summarize, seek the guy with great husband and father potential, masculine yet sensitive, a family man, has different tastes, not too closed-minded/puritanical; he’s open to trying new things and looks like he’ll know how to make a woman happy in the bedroom.

For an elaboration, please be sure to see the full profile and bonuses because there are many similarities between the CN-desiring woman and man.

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