This summer, I began a weekly series of posts in which I drew on my 200 or so hours of research to describe the woman who fits the profile of the typical ANR fan to a tee.

Although I focused on profiling the woman that loves ANRs, ladies can also gain valuable insights by applying the masculine equivalents of these characteristics, as I know most of them describe me.

Here are the seven ANR characteristics: AdventurousRomanticNurturingTactileSimple, Soft and Spiritual, and here are five bonus ones.

The most important of the seven are softness, tactility and a nurturing disposition.

These are by no means exhaustive, formulaic or set in stone. I won’t reject a potentially outstanding wife who’s lacking some of these attributes. The deal breaker only comes if she declines an ANR in no uncertain terms, or if she doesn’t impress me when it comes to the ANR fundamentals: nurturing/soft/comforting/encouraging.

Remember, if your potential mate has every single ANR trait but is lacking faith in Christ, this is the very situation that should cause you to immediately sever all romantic ties and run. Don’t end up like Solomon.

God Bless.