I would love it when you stroke my hair during nursing sessions

I got a haircut yesterday. As mentioned before, people love touching me in a comforting, familiar and respectful manner.

The owner of the barbershop was busy, but an older lady was available, so I took a seat.

During the ‘cut, she sometimes caressed my hair. It felt great.

Physical touch is definitely my top love language. People seem to instinctively realize this and want to communicate in my native tongue.

I’m blessed with that natural mojo that draws people into familiar, soothing, comforting strokes.

It’ll definitely translate well matrimonially, and I’m sure my wife would agree. So will her breasts, nipples and areolas.

“[I seek a] man who knows there is no sweeter place to be than buried in my breasts drinking from me as I stroke his hair and we lay there in silence. Is that man you?”

— K

General affection and physical comfort during nursing sessions would be immensely cherished by me.

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