Moi … the Song of Songs version (NC-17)

Intended for mature readers only (as is everything on Christ-centered ANR).

  • I’m certain I’ll induce my wife almost overnight, and depending on who I marry, it could happen in one session*, probably during our honeymoon, because I know I’ll have a strong yet tender latch and suckle. Those close to me have commented on how snug my hugs, hard my grips, tender my touch, firm my handshakes and strong my bones are, as well as my overall soothingness/tenderness, so I’m positive these strengths will translate easily to my marriage bed.
  • While reading up on one of my favorite parts of my future wife’s anatomy, I came across one medical/sex advice site that warned against direct clitoral stimulation, but I plan to ignore the site and give it a bit of a workout. Often seen as a gentleman but occasionally called an extremist** by those who know me well, I just don’t see why a man shouldn’t aim to bring his wife gentle but extreme pleasure. That way, he’d be living out the gospel by putting her needs above his, per Christ’s words in Acts 20:35: “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Moreover, God gave wives the only human organ whose sole purpose for existing is to bring its owner pleasure. And God hates waste. So don’t waste her central slick folds of skin and protruding bulb***. Please it — and her — greatly.
  • Very, very sensitive, sensual and responsive breasts, areolas and nipples would serve both my wife and I. I’m talking breasts so sensual, she could orgasm from breast/areola/nipple stimulation alone.
  • I believe in tenderness as part of the sex act. Couples should cuddle more when sexually intimate.
  • Flowing from the previous point, foreplay is also very important. Thank God we like-minded folks have a divinely-endorsed foreplay system built into our marriages.

*I once asked a woman on ANRSpace how she discovered Couples Nursing. Her response was: One day when fooling around with my boyfriend, I suddenly began lactating. I’ve been hooked ever since. You can reach me privately at [her email address]. (I didn’t email her. Didn’t think she was saved). So it can and does happen to some women. Therefore, woman who’s quick to lactate + man with extra strong suckle = almost instantaneous milk flow.

**As mentioned here, ANR-friendly men can be extremists, but it’s the good kind. The controlled and targeted kind, the kind of extremism that attacks a wife’s clitoris with loving ferocity, or attacks a creep trying to prey on children. Virtually every one of the handful of ANR-friendly men I know possesses this loving, laser-pointed, well-managed and well-controlled extremism.

***See Surprise finding in response to nipple stimulation for the relationship between nipple stimulation and clitoral pleasure.


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  1. raymondstone

    Good story. Not a surprise though. For a woman it takes the right MAN to get things going. Rejection happens because people approach this the WRONG way. Instead of wasting time posting creepy ads, people should be learning. For those of you [who are already married], don’t bring it up. Learn how to correctly latch and suckle. Don’t tell her. Just do it. Employ it in your intimate time. You’ll be surprised what happens.


    • Prov519

      Yes, most women won’t complain about a man with a good latch and suckle, even if they’re strongly averse to the idea of an ANR. And from latching and suckling extraordinarily well, interesting things could start to flow between them.
      This could be a great, non-pushy way to induce an ANR in a marriage relationship.


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