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Good news! You can now donate 100% anonymously to Christ-centered ANR using Cash App. Simply use an anonymous $Cashtag to donate to $SteveJJ519. Thanks! All donations greatly appreciated as I strive to edify the saints who truly value biblical marital bonding!

Moi, trois

Your milk won’t be the only uniquely feminine fluid you produce that I enjoy consuming frequently. I don’t believe in half-stepping. As Christ displayed his total commitment when he died to save me wholly, comprehensively and totally, I also want all of you. Sometimes, nipple alone would do. Other times, as much of the breast…

Candid explanation of end goal, for ANR lovers and haters alike

Imagine we live in a time and place where being affectionate is seen as weak, infantile and taboo. “Real men and women past the age of 5 don’t cuddle” and “skin-to-skin contact is strictly reserved for mother and child” are our national ethoses. But using biblical, medical and anecdotal evidence, I respectfully challenge and oppose…