Real interaction I had with a nurser on Facebook

Most of this conversation took place in April 2020. Warning: Mature content. This post is only intended to provide insight into a woman’s perspective of the very intimate aspects of Couples Nursing, and the effects they have on her sexual response. It should lead us to marvel at God and how He created women’s bodies. If it makes you stumble, don’t read it.

“Jane”: Hi! Can you tell me more about your page? Thanks

Christ-centered ANR: Hello “Jane”, […] Sure! My page is about promoting intimacy within marriage, from a biblical perspective. Thanks for asking.

[…] I’m wondering what got you interested in my page and this whole lifestyle.

“Jane”: I just finished pumping…. I was looking for a deeper connection. This definitely does it.

Christ-centered ANR: I completely agree it does do it. So I’m wondering, you’re pumping because you’re feeding your baby currently? How old is your baby and I’m just wondering how come the baby’s dad isn’t able to “enjoy” the deeper connection.

“Jane”: No. My youngest is 5. I induced lactation to share the joy. To have the deeper connection

Christ-centered ANR: Cool. How did you induce? Pumps? Herbs? Dom? And how did you first hear about ANRs?

“Jane”: Pump and suckling. I am producing quite a bit. Do you enjoy ANR with your wife?

Christ-centered ANR: I’m actually not married yet, lol. One of the main reasons I started the blog was in hopes of God bringing me my ANR-loving wife.

“Jane”: Oh! I see. I am sure he will. It certainly is a beautiful thing.

Christ-centered ANR: I bet. So are you partaking in it with a husband now?

“Jane”: I am. My favorite is when he suckled in the middle of the night. I wake up to find him taking my milk.

Christ-centered ANR: So it doesn’t [always] wake you up? That’s amazing that women can sleep through the nursing. How does the nursing make you feel?

“Jane”: No. It wakes me after a few minutes. It feels amazing. It usually leads to intimacy

Christ-centered ANR: I bet. Many couples say it leads to the best sex they ever had. But what got you interested in ANRs in the first place? I once talked to a young woman who told me she discovered it from another woman’s blog. How did you come across the idea?

And as you know, I do a lot of research on ANR. As part of my research, I’m wondering what state you’re from. I’m only asking to see if it’s more popular in certain parts of the country, because I’ve blogged about other countries where it’s popular, so I’m just curious about the United States.

“Jane”: I wanted a deeper connection. Something that makes us dependent upon one another. I stumbled across the idea by the way of internet research. I knew I could produce milk easily so I looked into it. It was an exciting idea.

I’m in the Carolinas. […] I’m originally from NY

Christ-centered ANR: The woman I was talking to is from Georgia[…]. I think it’s more common in the South, and I agree, a husband and wife should be very dependent on one another. […]

Did your husband easily buy into it? Some women are saddened that their husbands REFUSE to even taste their milk.
I think folks on the [South]East Coast are more accepting of ANRs.

“Jane”: He wanted nothing to do with it. Lol My journey has been unique. […]

Christ-centered ANR: So how did you eventually convince him? […]

“Jane”: We are separated now. There were bigger issues. I thought it would bring us closer. It did for a time. Anyway, I now donate my milk to the hospitals

Christ-centered ANR: I’m sorry to hear. Yes, unfortunately some couples still split up despite the intimacy. You must be pumping a lot, to be able to donate to hospitals. There’s a woman in Oregon named Elisabeth Anderson-Sierra who produces nearly 2 gallons EVERYDAY. I certainly want to drink gallons from my wife but that’s just way too much for any man.

There’s another couple in the Carolinas into this lifestyle as well, as many other couples are. I’m glad it’s finally coming out of the closet.

“Jane”: Lol Gallons are a lot. I certainly enjoy being able to produce & the intimacy that comes with it.

Christ-centered ANR: […] I came across two female ANR lovers who also blog and both said they hate wearing bras, and only wear them in public. I’m curious if this applies to most ANR-friendly women. Are you also a fan of not wearing bras?

“Jane”: I hope to be able to share it with the right person

I like bras. I think its sexy to wear a maternity bra … unlatch it and feed your partner.

Christ-centered ANR: Yes, the intimacy is unmatched. My wife would literally become a living part of me. I’ll carry her nutrients in my body at all times. Yes! I’d want my wife wearing a nursing bra too, because they permit easy access. Husband breastfeeding is a gift from God most people are too scared to try.

“Jane”: I agree. I wish more thought the same as you

Christ-centered ANR: […] I learned that some women see it as a loving, non-sexual act to do for a man, but others get turned on. Sorry for asking a question so intimate, but during the nursing, do you actually enjoy it in a sexual manner? As in, do you find it sexually [stimulating]?

Thanks! You too! You’re so chill and easy to talk to.


“Jane”: I find it to be both. It depends on the mood

if I’m very full and need immediately relief, its more sexual. If I’m lounging then its relaxing

Christ-centered ANR: I think that’s the best view. Exactly. My research show it’s both sexual/erotic and nonsexual/loving. I think some women who are very full experience orgasms during the nursing, and experience a let down, and one breast starts leaking uncontrollably, called auto-streaming. Have you ever experienced that?

“Jane”: Oh yes. Very often. I will even spray during an orgasm

Sorry to be so blunt

I begin to drip in anticipation to nursing

Christ-centered ANR: Do you spray even without touching them? No, lol. Don’t worry about being blunt. Let’s say you’re full, and a man starts suckling, would you have an orgasm? One article I posted on my blog shows that women’s nipples are neurologically tied to their genital area, so the same pleasurable sensations are elicited from nipple stimulation. I’m wondering if some women can have an orgasm “down there” from nipple stimulation alone, without touching their genital area.

“Jane”: Only 2 xs it happened. So yes, its entirely possible. However, it isnt just from nipple stimulation. For me, its was the timing and intimacy. Primal a little… I guess

Christ-centered ANR: Nice. It takes a real woman to breastfeed her man. You’re certainly a very courageous woman. It’s sad that so many people don’t experience this due to some unfounded and unreasonable “taboo” label on it. And many men don’t even try it, leaving their wives in the cold. I’ve always wanted it and never saw anything wrong with it.

“Jane”: Very true. I love nothing more than the bond it creates

Christ-centered ANR: Agreed. In Africa, public [breastfeeding] is more common, and I think I was breastfed beyond my first birthday, so I’m more comfortable with adult breastfeeding than many people, I also LOVE the bond. I’m gonna get off [Facebook] but it certainly was nice chatting. […] later […]

And I really like the great insights you’ve given me. Mind if I share them on my blog, anonymously, of course?

“Jane”: Please feel free…. anonymously

Christ-centered ANR: Most definitely. It’s between you and I alone. Thank you so much, “Jane”! […] Many female readers of my blog will like what you have to say.

“Jane”: I’m here any time you have questions etc

Christ-centered ANR: Aww, thanks. Keep pumping and nursing!

“Jane”: Will do

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